Уверенное владение базовыми грамматическими структурами, как в предсказуемых, так и непредвиденных ситуациях общения необходимо для получения 4 уровня по критерию шкалы ИКАО «STRUCTURE».

Перечень базовых грамматических структур содержится в Части IV Приложения «Б» Документа 9835.

  • Articles
  • Adverbs of frequency: Always, Generally, Usually, Often, Sometimes, Seldom, Never, etc.
  • Comparison of adjectives
  • Modal verbs: Can, May, Must, Have Got to, Should, Ought to, Would, Could, Might, Needn’t, Don’t have to, Mustn’t
  • Numbers (cardinal and ordinal)
  • Passive voice: Simple present, Simple past
  • Position of direct and indirect objects: Bob sent some flowers to his girlfriend. / Bob sent his girlfriend some flowers.
  • Question words for describing people and things and for requesting information: What? Who? Which? Why? Where? How?
  • Relative pronouns: Who, which, whose
  • Tenses:

    Present simple (I do)
    Present continuous (I am doing)
    Past simple (I did)
    Past continuous (I was doing)
    Present perfect simple (I have done)
    Present perfect continuous (I have been doing)
    Simple future tense (Will Future, Going to)

  • There to be: Present, past, future