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tellcap_and_ans-kzAn international seminal was held on 22 December, 2014 in Almaty, Kazakhstan. It was organized together by the Personnel Training Center of "Kazaeronavigatsia" and Aviation Training Centre "CompLang". The seminar was devoted to questions and problems of implementation of ICAO requirements for language proficiency in radiotelephony communications.

Aviation Training Centre "CompLang" was represented by Barkhotova N.V., Director; Kochetkova E.V., Deputy Director; Volkova M.V., TELLCAP® Project Manager.


The following presentations were made on behalf of "CompLang":

"TELLCAP® Proficiency Testing: Achievements and Prospects (with demonstration of rated speech samples of ICAO Scale Level 2 to Level 6)" – Volkova M.V.,

"Language of Radiotelephony Communications: System of Training and Testing in Accordance with ICAO Requirements" – Kochetkova E.V.

Personnel Training Center of "Kazaeronavigatsia" presented the following topics:

"Some Problems of Aviation Specialists Testing for Language Level Proficiency Evaluation Based on the ICAO Scale" – Maslova E.A.,

"Problems of ICAO Scale Level 4 Language Proficiency Maintenance" – Sautova G.N.

One more presentation was made by Makarenko N.Y., Director of Civil Aviation Academy English Language Training Center: "Aviation English Language Teaching Methods Based on the ICAO Scale".

All the seminar participants shared the same opinion that events of such format are of great importance and necessity for sharing the experience in questions of aviation personnel training in line with the ICAO requirements.