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The team of TELLCAP® test developers consists of a group of teachers of Aviation English and ICAO standard phraseology, pilots of foreign-built aircraft of major carriers with experience of flying internationally, controllers of major Air Traffic Control centers with experience of work at international airways. All members have extensive training and involvement with aviation radiotelephony communications (20+ years). The team is led by a member of the Proficiency Requirements in Common English Study Group, of ICAO EUR/NAT CoG Task Force, of RTSOS Working Group on Language Proficiency Requirements Implementation, a deputy chairman of the FANA Council of Experts, the author of several learning aids and curricula (including Curriculum on Simulation training in General and Aviation English), the author of multiple articles and lecturer at many workshops, the developer of Aviation English teachers ab-initio and refresher training courses.

In 2005 TELLCAP® is certified as a qualification test by the Russia’s Federal Transport Inspection Service (Certificate # 136).

In 2006 the test is certified by the Interstate Aviation Committee (Certificate # 28), presented in ICAO (DGCA/06-IP/15), included in the ICAO list of world-wide existing testing systems. Thus, TELLCAP® certificates received a world-wide recognition.

TELLCAP® is approved by the Russia’s Air Navigation Service as a test to be used for air traffic controllers (ICAO Language Proficiency Requirements Implementation Task Force Protocol # 11 dated 18 Oct. 2006 and Expert Board Protocol # 1 dated 23 Nov. 2006).

In 2007 Certificate # 28 issued by the Interstate Aviation Committee is validated by the Aviation Department of the Republic of Belarus Ministry of Transport and Communications.

In 2008 the CompLang Training Center and the TELLCAP® Testing System for their high quality standards are certified by the Russia’s Ministry of Education. CompLang and TELLCAP® are included in the ICAO List of Aviation Training Centers and Programs.

In 2011 the Civil Aviation Committee of the Republic of Kazakhstan Ministry of Transport and Communications having analyzed the presented documentation on the TELLCAP® testing system approves of its use for the General and Aviation English level assessment on the territory of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

On 20 June 2012 TELLCAP® is endorsed by ICAO. The endorsement is valid until 30 Sept. 2014. TELLCAP® is the only test developed by non-native English speakers to receive the high ICAO recognition. 

Air traffic controllers from 6 ATC centers in CIS and pilots of more than 30 air companies have already taken TELLCAP®. 


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