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You can register:

The application for the test should be submitted at least one business day in advance.


Plan to arrive at the test centre at least 15-20 minutes before the appointed time to sign the contract and pay for testing services.

Make sure you have the right identification documents (passport) with you. If you arrive with the wrong ID, you will not be allowed to take the test.

Before the test
, you fill in the Personal Data Form and then you will be briefed on the TELLCAP test purpose and format.

After the test, you can write a letter of authority to receive the TELLCAP certificate.
In the letter of authority it is necessary to indicate your personal data (name, birth date, passport data) and the person (name, date of birth and passport details) who you trust to receive the TELLCAP certificate. Upon receiving the TELLCAP certificate, the trustee provides his / her passport.


  • to enter the testing room with cheat sheets, a mobile phone or other electronic devices;

  • to discuss with the examiner or test administrator issues that are not relevant to the testing procedure;

  • to remove the notes made during the exam from the testing room.

  • If your mobile phone or other electronic devices are found during the test, or if you use forged documents, you will not be permitted to test and the test fee will not be refunded.


  • to familiarize with the test rules, the procedure for filing an appeal, the procedure of re-taking the test, as well as the procedure for issuing TELLCAP certificate;

  • to undergo the TELLCAP test format familiarization course, which includes a mock test. The course is paid separately;

  • to appeal against the violation of the established procedure of testing and / or disagreement with the test results submitted to the director of COMPLANG Aviation Training Center

  • to re-take the test in case the testing procedure was not followed.


Protocol on the result of testing (for Levels 4 and 5) 2 copies, - one of which you submit to the Russia’s Civil Aviation Authority;

Certificate of English language proficiency according to the ICAO scale (regardless of test results).

Exam audio recording, rating sheets and any other testing materials are not provided to the test takers.


Please leave your personal belongings including mobile phones outside this room. You will need your ID document only.

You are going to take TELLCAP - a test assessing your English language proficiency in accordance with the ICAO language proficiency rating scale.

Remember, the test is not designed to assess your aviation knowledge. It gives you an opportunity to demonstrate your English language proficiency.

Rating is based on speech sample you’ve demonstrated during the test. If your responses are not full enough, you risk being assessed at a lower proficiency level – just because you didn’t demonstrate the real level you are at.

The test is audio and video recorded and stored in our organization anonymously, under your unique code. We ask you not to mention your surname during the exam.

Please leave your notes to the examiner after the test is over. Do not take them away.

The test will consist of four parts and will take approximately 30 minutes.

Part 1: Warmer(2-3 min)

In Part 1 you will be asked several simple questions about you and your job.

Part 2: General English Interview (3-4 min)

In Part 2 you will be asked a number of questions on a general topic that is attributed to aviation.

Part 3: Listening and Responding to the Situation (16-18min)

Part 3 is run without visual contact between the test-taker and the examiner. A separation screen will be placed.

You will hear three recordings describing in-flight situations. You will listen to each recording twice. We recommend you to remember or write down as much information as possible.

After you have listened to each of the recordings, the examiner will ask you comprehension questions.

Then pilots will have to inform ATC on the situation from the recording.

Controllers will have to warn another flight on the situation from the recording.

Part 4: Listening and Aviation English Interview (7-9 min)

In Part4 you will listen to a recording of a real radiotelephony exchange in a non-routine situation. You will listen to the recording twice. You may take notes if you like.

After you have listened to the recording, the examiner will ask you comprehension questions.

Then you will discuss some aviation-related issues in a broader context.

If you have any questions left, please ask the examiner now before the test recording starts.

Good luck!